Modular Hotel – TRIBE Australia

Prefab Modular Hotel / Perth, Australia

Location: Perth, Australia
Volume: 63 modules
Module Size: 12000 x 3500 x 2900mm
Floor area:3200 sqm
Project cycle:
Design:6 months; Production:3 months; Shipping:15 days; Installation:2.5 months

Project Description: Tribe hotel Perth is the first modular hotel property invested by Tribe Hotel Group. The hotel has a total of 8 floors and the total building area is 3200 square meters. The ground floor is constructed by steel structure on site, the rest consists of 63 modules with 9 modules per floor. To cater for the trend of industrial look in Australia these years, the architectural design team has adopted the steel and glass as the majority materials on the facades, while the interior designer has been using the classic black-and-white as the key theme with a delight of bright colored elements to create the chic-but-not-cheap atmosphere.