Modular Townhouse – Kabuki Mt Buller AU

Brand New Townhouses

Location: Melbourne
Volume: 24 modules
Module Size: 12000*4600*2900mm;9000*4600*2900mm
Floor area:1500 sqm
Project cycle:5 months
Project Description:These 6 modular apartments manufactured by Yahgee are located on the hillside of Buhler mountain. Unique oversized modules, with semicircle combination, looking perfect in the beautiful snowy scenery.
All the modules units, structures, interior decoration, exterior decoration, plumbing, electricity, heating and ventilation and other works of the project are completed in the factory. The building system, materials, structure, etc. are strictly in line with the building standards of Australia, and fully meet the requirements of environmental protection, energy conservation and high safety.
After one month’s sea transportation from Guangzhou port to the project site, the modules can be quickly assembled in two weeks by overall hoisting. Compared with the local traditional construction method, the modules greatly shorten the construction cycle and strives for the maximum economic benefits for customers.