Mount Qiyun Park Project

Huangshan Mountain, China

Location: Huangshan Mountain, China
Volume: 122 modules
Project cycle:8 months

Project Description:
This project is the work of Yahgee in cooperation with the famous American container architect. American Lot-ek company, on the basis of the analysis on site, understanding of customer needs and passion for container architecture, perfectly presents a group of bold and interesting works. And Yahgee perfectly transforms the creativity from the drawings to the highly prefabricated building products in the factory, and completes the on-site construction.
It’s the largest extreme sports and adventurous park in China. Including shopping street, catering, entertainment, water activity and etc. Entrance design is quite bold, which every 4 modules as one group and all in total 16 of them are pointing to different directions. The assembling work is reckoned as one of the most challenging ones in the history of modules construction.