Woodlands Hospital Care Center Project

Woodlands Health Campus

Location: Singapore
Volume:488 modules
Module Size: 6.3m*2.7m*3.45m; 6.3m*2.1m*3.45m; 6.7m*3.15m*3.45m; 6.3m*2.226m*3.45m; 5.4m*2.75m*3.45m; 5.4m*3.55m*3.45m
Floor area:20270 sqm
Project cycle:12 months

Project Description:The project consists of 488 standard modules and 83 roof modules, and adopts the candle-loc twist lock connection system. The success of this project has not only been highly recognized by Party A, but also made Yahgee and our Singapore partner jointly obtain PPVC (Pre-fabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction) certification which certified and issued by Singapore Structural Steel Association Construction, which means that the modular building of Yahgee steel structure has been recognized by the authority of Singapore, which will open the door for Yahgee modular products to enter Singapore in the future.